Kermit Roosevelt and Ruth-Helen Vassilas have this opinion piece on touting Fix the Court’s 18-year term limits plan:

The best solution is to create Supreme Court term limits by statute. Several proposals exist for statutory term limits. The one we favor would give justices a fixed term of 18 years. Appointments would be staggered to allow each president two appointments per term, one in both the first and third year.

As each new justice joins the bench, the most senior justice would move to senior status. Justices with senior status would retain the option to sit on lower courts, as Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter have done post-retirement, and to serve as an active justice as needed, as Justice John Paul Stevens proposed in 2010. The lengthy fixed term would preserve judicial independence, while the regularized appointment process would make the court more responsive to the outcomes of national elections and less subject to chance and partisan hardball.

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